Communications Technology

Communications Technology courses offer students an opportunity to explore broadcasting and media production pathways.  At St Stephen we focus on image editing, 2D animation, audio and TV/video production.  Students can start their journey in communications in Gr 9 and continue to explore producing content every year of high school.   Take a moment to study the PRE-REQUISITE FLOW CHART 2019-2020

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In Gr 9 and 10 Communications Technology students can explore media productions workflows. Teachers will engage “student voice” and co-construct success criteria for project design in response to a communications challenge (ex. Create or poster to promote safety in the workplace, create a video to promote a local business, create a film trailer).  In Gr. 11 and 12, students can specialize in video, TV and movie production by taking an emphasis course (TGV3M or TGV4M) or can study the regular programs (TGJ3M or TGJ4M) to further their knowledge and skill in video, photography, animation and audio production.   We expect all graduates of our program to be proficient in file and project management. 

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We use Google Classroom for our LMS (learning management system) and we encourage students to store their exemplary work to Google Drive through the years to prepare a media reel for college and university applications.  In addition, we teach using exemplars to help students improve achievement by reviewing learning goals and success criteria.

Students use Adobe software (ex. Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects) to create and edit audio, video, animation and still images to produce engaging content that responds to real-world communication projects; posters, promotional videos, creative films, podcasts, animation shorts, motion graphics, digital photographs.   Our senior students use studio lighting, video cameras and green screen to live stream our Roar TV broadcast directly to our YouTube channel and our local “Live @ 905” school audience.   We continue to improve content and production techniques (ex. 3 point lighting, white balance, external mics) to build our audience for the show and look forward to partnering with local media and guest speakers (ex. Kelly Wiley : CFTO TV) to improve our workflows.

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At St Stephen, we are committed to best practice and this has been heavily influenced by involvement in competitions.   We have competed in Graphic Design, Photography, 2D Animation and TV/Video Production at Skills Ontario at both Humber and Georgian College and learned much from the experience.   Students and staff embrace reach ahead opportunities at Durham College’s MAD (Media Arts Department) where students have participated in digital video and photography workshops.

-        The Apple video : Skills Ontario : Kocur / Brown

Students who commit to communication technology and a media production pathway can qualify for a FIT (Focus on Information Technology) certificate at graduation.   The certificate confirms the graduate has consistently generated exemplary content and completed high school with a concentration in media production.  See Mr. McDaniel or Guidance for more information.