Mission Statement

While bringing to the table the ideals of St. Stephen: spirit, strength, serenity and service, our mission is to educate students and challenge them to reach their full potential by engaging all partners in a dynamic experience of faith and learning in an inclusive, Christ-centered community rooted in justice and love.

Vision Statement

  • We believe students are uniquely fashioned in God's image, have intrinsic worth, with the ability and need to learn
  • We believe students need to belong to a community that supports and nurtures them spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically
  • We believe that our educational community strives to provide the necessary support to achieve academic success in order for students to reach their potential while building a future for youth that offers hope and compassion for all
  • We believe as a Catholic community we are all connected to others through witnessing our faith, sharing our gifts, and serving the common good
  • We believe an education founded upon Catholic values and incorporating principles of goodness, dignity and truth builds tolerance, respect and responsibility.