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Mathematics Department

Curriculum Chair 

To be successful in our changing world, students need to adapt to changing conditions, use technology effectively, and acquire skills for processing large amounts of quantitative information. Our mathematics curriculum equips students with an understanding of important mathematical ideas; essential mathematical knowledge and skills; and skills of reasoning, problem solving, and communication.

The development of mathematical knowledge is a gradual process. Our continuous curriculum builds on concepts that help students see the "big pictures" and underlying principles. Our courses offer opportunities to investigate new ideas and concepts, make connections between new learning and prior knowledge, and develop an understanding of the abstract mathematics involved.

By studying mathematics, students learn how to reason logically, think critically, and solve problems - key skills for success in today's workplaces.

Do You Need Extra Help in Math? Here are some options.....

1. Talk to your teacher - all teachers in the department offer extra help. Check with your teacher to find out when they are available. This should be your first stop when having difficulty with the work being covered in class.

2. Math Lab with Mrs. Clark - students are welcome to stop by Room 214 for some help with their homework. The weekly schedule is always posted on the door of Room 214.

3. Visit the department website - for links to videos and extra practice websites that can help students to strengthen their understanding.

4. If you are in grades 9 or 10, you have access to the FREE Homework Help website - This site offers one on one assistance from an Ontario Certified Math Teacher, Sunday through Thursday nights from 5:30-9:30pm. There are also digital resources on this site that are available 24 hours a day to help you understand some of the most commonly misunderstood topics in the curriculum.

5. Peer Tutoring - there are a limited number of senior students available to work with younger students at lunch or after school. Check with the guidance department for availability.

Jennifer Clark
Curriculum Chair of Mathematics
St. Stephen Secondary School
905-623-3990 Ext. 523