Regular attendance on the part of students is vital to the process of learning. If regular attendance becomes an issue, parents/guardians will be contacted, and the student will be counselled to assist with promoting regular attendance. If he/she is still unwilling to attend regularly, he/she may fail to achieve credit for his/her courses.

Regular Attendance

Expected Behaviour

    • All students are expected to attend school regularly.

    • Students who will be away from school for a known period of time (i.e. vacation) must complete a Leave of Absence Form and return it to the office before the expected absence. If absence exceeds 5 days, a medical certificate is required.

    • Students returning from an absence must present a note signed by a parent/guardian containing the following information:

        • Date of absence

        • Student's name

        • Specific reason for absence

    • The note must be presented to the office on the day the student returns to school prior to 8:25 a.m.

    • Students, 18 years of age or over, may submit their own notes.

    • A phone call may be made in lieu of a note. The school has a voice mail system if you need to call after hours. Call 905-623-3990 to leave a voicemail message.

    • Parents calling the school regarding absences should: state the student's name, date of absence, and reason for absence. i.e. illness

    • A voice message system is currently in place, which will automatically call parents of those students who have an unexplained or unreported absence.

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

    • Regular attendance is directly related to academic success.

    • Regular attendance is required by the Education Act.

Consequences for Misbehaviour

    • When a student has been truant for 15 classes, the Principal will review this student's program at St. Stephen.

    • Students with attendance concerns will be referred to the Student Success Team, and if under 18 years of age, may be referred to the Board Attendance Counsellor.

Signing In and Out

Expected Behaviour

    • Students must present a note to the secretary before school begins to be excused for a doctor's appointment or for personal reasons.

    • If students do not have a note, a parent/guardian must come into the office or contact the office prior to the student signing out.

    • After 8:30 a.m. sign outs are not available. After 8:30 a.m., sign out permission may only be granted by a Principal or designate. Note: Senior students with a period one study or with morning co-op may have their note accepted by the secretary.

    • Sign outs cannot be used by any student (all ages) on assignment due dates / tests, etc.

    • Parent permission for a student to sign out of class indicates the student will not be present on the school property.

    • Students who are on school property are to be in class.

    • Students who become ill must report to the office. The office will make parental/guardian contact.

    • Students are expected to pick up an admit slip from the office after a full day's absence.

    • School liturgies and assemblies are part of the school day. The expectation is that all students attend. Sign outs, scheduled to occur during these important events, will only be approved by a Principal. Such requests should be submitted 3 days in advance.

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

    • The school has the legal obligation to know where all students are when they are not in class.

    • Signing in/out is the school's method for meeting this obligation.

Consequences for Misbehaviour

    • Students who do not provide a note when signing out must have a sign out slip signed by a Principal. Parental contact will be made. A note must be provided upon return.

    • If a note is not presented upon return, a detention will be given.

    • Students not signing out will be considered truant and receive detentions. Continued non-compliance may lead to suspension.

    • Students not picking up their admit slip will receive a detention.

    • A forged note or phone call is a serious offence and will result in parent/guardian contact and suspension.

    • If a student is found to have skipped a school liturgy or assembly, a suspension may result.

Extended Vacations/Absences

Family holidays should not be scheduled during regular school time since student's absences may have adverse effects on his/her achievement. Students are responsible for any work missed while absent. In cases of family emergencies on compassionate grounds, every effort will be made to support the student during this time.

Late to School

Expected Behaviour

    • Students are expected to be on time for homeroom and for each class.

    • If a student is late to school in the morning or afternoon, a note is required from home to be presented to the secretary upon arrival.

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

    • Punctuality shows responsibility and consideration for others. Students who are late to class inconvenience the teacher, classmates and office staff.

    • Punctuality is a good habit that is expected both on the job and in personal relationships.

Consequence for Misbehaviour

    • Infrequent and unavoidable lates can be excused.

    • After two non-penalized avoidable lates per semester, consequences will apply.


Truancy is an unexcused absence from class.

Expected Behaviour

    • Students are expected to attend regularly and to be present in all classes when at school.

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

    • Good attendance is essential for continued academic success and for active participation in the school community.

    • Absenteeism adversely affects individual and class progress.

Consequences for Misbehaviour

    • A student who is truant (i.e. skipping) from class(es) will be assigned detentions and parents/guardians may be notified.

    • Continued truancies from class or school may result in progressive sanctions, including detentions, loss of school privileges, removal from school excursions, or suspension from school.

    • Students with attendance concerns will be referred to the Board Attendance Counsellor.