GO Royals!

St. Stephen supports our Board's mission of Healthy Active Living and Sport providing a variety of year-round sports training and athletic activities that:

St. Stephen offers countless opportunities to participate on competitive or recreational athletic teams. We participate in many sports with competitions across Ontario. You can print, sign, and return the secondary athletic letter to give your child permission to participate on a team. If the team includes an overnight trip, please print and sign an overnight trip contract as well.

Our athletes participate in Central Ontario Secondary School Athletics (COSSA), Lake Ontario Secondary School Athletics (LOSSA), and Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSSA) competitions. View each organization's website for eligibility, directors, conveners, transfer policy, and schedules.

We encourage all of our students to reap the benefits of being physically active every day, which includes improved concentration abilities and collaboration skills. Players, coaches, spectators and referees agree to follow our Board's Code of Conduct.

SSCSS Coach lineup for 2023/2024


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Royals' Physical Education Uniform

Physical Education uniforms must be ordered directly through school cash online.

Physical Education uniforms are a mandatory requirement for all Phys Ed classes. 

Click on the School Cash Online link on the school home page or here to purchase your uniform.

Upon completing the purchase, print the receipt and present it to the Phys. Ed. Teacher in order to pick up your uniform.  

T-shirt $10.00

Shorts $15.00

Sweatpants $20.00

All prices include taxes

Code of Conduct & Responsibilities for Sports Teams


Student Athletes Responsibilities


Coaches Responsibilities


Parents, Guardians, and Spectators Responsibilities


Administrative Responsibilities

Team Player

God, let me play well and fairly, by respecting the rules, opponents, and officials. Lead me into treating all participants justly and with dignity. In competing, help me to learn something that matters. Let the competition make me strong but never hostile, humble never boastful. May I rejoice in victory but never let myself rejoice in the adversity of others. If I am fortunate enough to win, allow me to be happy. If I am denied, keep me from envy. Remind me that sports are just games and that I set an example, so help me to ensure that it is a good one.