Uniform/Dress Code

McCarthy's UniformGuide-2023-2024.pdf

Students who en-roll at St. Stephen do so with the full awareness of the uniform requirements.
When a student chooses St. Stephen, he/she agrees to abide by the established dress code. Our school uniform creates a distinct school identity. By respecting the dress code, students uphold this goal.

Only uniform items purchased from R.J. McCarthy Ltd. or its agent are allowed at St. Stephen. Students will be disciplined if their uniform items do not comply with this standard.

Uniform Policy Students are expected to wear the St. Stephen school uniform properly and with pride at all school functions, unless otherwise instructed. The uniform is to be worn throughout the entire school day-including lunch periods. Students are expected to be in uniform upon arrival at school. The following articles of clothing are available for purchase from our supplier, R. J. McCarthy(1-800-668-8261)

  • Girls:

Grey flat front dress pant

Navy walking shorts (May 1-October 31)

Navy ¾ length Capri pants (May 1- October 31)

Navy V-neck cardigan with school logo

  • Boys:

Grey flat front dress pants

Navy walking shorts (May 1-October 31)

  • Boys & Girls:

Shirt selection

Navy golf shirt with school logo (long and short sleeved)

White golf shirt with school logo (long and short sleeved)

  • Boys & Girls:

Sweater selection

Navy V-necked long sleeved pullover with school crest

Navy full zip hooded sweat top with school crest

Navy ¼ zip sweat top with school crest

Uniform Expectations:

  • The girls' French cut blouse must be buttoned to the top.

  • Navy, white or grey socks are to be worn with the uniform pants or shorts.

  • All shoes must accord with the tone of the uniform. They must be fully enclosed, appropriate, modest and clean. Boots, sandals, slippers and flip flops are not permitted.

  • Boys' Oxford shirts must be buttoned to the top two buttons

  • Only white, navy or grey T-shirts are permitted under McCarthy's uniform tops. Long sleeve shirts are not permitted under short sleeves.

  • A St. Stephen golf shirt or dress shirt must be worn under the sleeveless V-necked vest, V-necked sweater, zip polo, zip hoodie or the V-neck cardigan.

  • Absolutely NO HEADWEAR (hats, headbands, hoods, bandannas, scarves etc.) is to be worn in the school at any time.

  • Upon arrival at school, outerwear such as coats, jackets, non-uniform sweaters MUST be removed and placed in lockers. Students are expected to remain in uniform throughout the school day (including lunches and study periods).

  • Pants should not be rolled up.

  • Students MUST be in uniform bottoms before entering the building. (unless in Phys Ed. class)

Reasons for Expected Behaviour:

  • The Board has approved a dress code policy for St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School.

  • A commitment to the dress code requires self-discipline and is an outward sign of support for the goals of St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School.

Consequences for Dress Code Infractions:

  • Students are not allowed in class at any time in improper attire. Students, in defiance of this requirement, will be required to report to the office. Students will not return to class until in proper uniform.

Dress Down:

Non-uniform days at St. Stephen's are a privilege for our students. In keeping with the values of self respect and respect for others, students must dress in an appropriate fashion.

On Non-Uniform Days, DO NOT WEAR:

• Clothes that display scenes or words of violence, sex, drugs, alcohol or with racist overtones

• Pants worn below the waist

• Bare midriffs

• Low cut blouses or shirts

• Extra thin spaghetti strapped blouses/dresses

• Muscle shirts

• Short shorts

School Administration reserves the right to determine appropriate dress

Royals' Physical Education Uniform

Uniforms can be purchased directly through our Phys. Ed. Department. They are ordered online here right on our website.

Click on the School Cash Online link on the home page to purchase your uniform. Or click below. https://peterboroughcatholic.schoolcashonline.com/

Upon completing the purchase, print the receipt and present it to the Phys. Ed. Teacher. Sizes will be picked at that time.

Royals’ athletics t-shirt $10.00

Shorts $15.00

**All prices include taxes