Canadian and World Studies

Social sciences encompass family studies, anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and world religions. Courses at St. Stephen also include Canadian law, world issues, travel and tourism, courses that investigate environmental issues, economics, fashion and individuals in society. All of the courses explore some aspect of human society and culture; examine collective human behaviour and needs; and analyze patterns and trends in society. The subjects shed light on a variety of social structures and relationships, and explore fundamental questions about human nature and the human condition.

Social science and humanities courses give students essential knowledge and transferable skills applicable for post secondary studies and in the workplace. Possible post secondary careers include those in retail and service industries; community services (early childhood education, child and youth work, and developmental services work), creative arts (fashion design, chef training) or business. Post secondary programs include anthropology, business studies, education, environmental studies, family studies, food and nutrition sciences, health sciences, social work and more.

Mr. Robert Morrison. - Curriculum Chair