Welcome to St. Stephen Chapel

Our beautiful Chapel is the center and heart of our school. It is in our chapel that our Lord Jesus Christ is visibly present in the Blessed Sacrament to all who enter through our hallowed doors. It is a place of learning, meditation, adoration, prayer and liturgical celebrations. Our blessed St Stephen’s Chapel is located on the second floor above the main entrance of our school.

Hello, my name is Deacon Shawn Panio. It is my honor, privilege, and blessing to be the Chaplain of St Stephen CSS. As a servant leader, I see my role in 2 ways. The first, is a Guide, who is visible and walks with our staff and students in their faith and life journey, always connecting them to the love of Jesus and the Church. The second, is a Gardner, who tends and nurtures the soul, so that it will bring goodness to the world. As such, I provide pastoral, liturgical and ministerial leadership to the entire school community (staff, students and their families).

May we always walk with Christ and be a difference in the world.

+God bless.